We are still at your service, also after your order. For example when your device does not work as you expected. Many problems can be solved via our page about solving device problems yourself.

Did you not find the solution to your problem or do you have a question about returning your product? Here are some frequently asked questions about warranty, repair, exchange, and cancellation.

Frequently asked questions

  • I have received a defective device. What can I do?

    If you report the defect to us within 5 business days after receiving the device, you can return it to us. Please report the problem via for further instructions. In this email, please mention the order number, the name of the product, and a short description of the defect.

  • A device that I received via Gomibo has become defective. What can I do?

    Are you a business end user? Then you can register your device for repair via Mention in the email the order number, the name of the product, and a short description of the defect.
    Please note: Are you a reseller? Then you are responsible for the warranty yourself.

  • An Apple iPhone that I received via Gomibo has become defective. What can I do?

    iPhones can be registered for repair within one year after purchase via Apple. The second year of the warranty runs via Gomibo. Report the device by sending the IMEI, order number, and a description of the defect to

  • I am a reseller and have a device with a defect for which no repair point is available. What can I do?

    If this is a Fairphone, Google phone, OnePlus, Vivo, or Xiaomi, you can register the device for repair via Mention the IMEI and order number in the email. After you have registered, the phone can be sent to us.

  • I sent my device in for repair. How do I get a status update?

    A repair usually takes 5-10 business days. Do you have any questions about the status? Please contact our technical service via the regular customer service. Also mention your order number.

  • I sent my device for repair and now I have received a price quote from the repair centre. How does that work?

    The price quote will explain why the warranty has been rejected. Fall, impact and water damage, for example, are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Do you have questions after viewing the price quote? Send your question to our technical department via the regular customer service and include your order number.

  • Can I cancel or exchange my product?

    As a business customer, cancelling or exchanging is generally not possible. Did you buy the phone not more than a week ago and want to exchange it for another colour or model? Send the order number and the reason for cancellation to We will then look at the possibilities.

  • I have received the wrong product. What can I do?

    Does the device have a different colour than the one you ordered, for example? Please register the device with us via, stating the IMEI and order number. You can order the correct product yourself via our website and we will carry out a credit for the incorrectly ordered device.